Financial Investment Company for Shares & Bonds provides its clients the service of trading stocks and bonds that are listed in Amman Stock Exchange, through its well experienced and trained team. The company attend to execute its client's orders in an instant and accurate way, in order to maximize their profit and benefits. Financial investment company provide its clients two luxuries ballrooms equipped with the highest technology data show equipments that helps the clients follow up the prices and the market variation instantly. Also, it helps them to be updated with all the news, disclosures, and activities of the listed companies and the capital market. The financial investment company clients can get all these data through the companies web site, additionally they can track their transactions and portfolio through the website (to add this service please contact IT department). The company will provide soon a new system that allows clients to trade through the internet without being in the company or even in Jordan, by this way they can execute their orders quickly and easily.

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